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Release Notes

  • 4.14 Build 759
  • 4.14 Build 745
  • 4.14 Build 744
  • 4.13 Build 737
  • 4.13 Build 719
  • 4.12 Build 704
  • 4.12 Build 689
  • 4.11 Build 687
  • 4.10 Build 680
  • 4.9 Build 666
  • 4.9 Build 660
  • 4.8 Build 645
  • 4.8 Build 636
  • 4.7 Build 629
  • 4.6 Build 596
  • 4.6 Build 595
  • 4.5 Build 579
  • 4.5 Build 575
  • 4.4 Build 554
  • 4.4 Build 550
  • 4.3 Build 543
  • 4.2 Build 533
  • 4.2 Build 510
  • 4.2 Build 488
  • 4.1 Build 475 Initial Release

  • 06-01-2015 4.14 Build 759

    • general: Speex support for p2p calls has been removed.
    • general: The internal connection handling has been enhanced.
    • general: The function to import Skype contacts has been removed.
    • general: The function to import MSN contacts has been removed.
    • feature: Login error's are now explained more extensively.

    06-01-2015 4.14 Build 759 Initial Release

    • bugfix: Some internal locking issues solved.
    • bugfix: Clearing the callhistory contained a locking bug.
    • bugfix: Stopping the client while a call was still active could sometimes freeze the client.
    • bugfix: Bug fixes: New User Registration Wizard
    • bugfix: Minor bugfixes
    • bugfix: Adding phone numbers could fail for some countries (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Mauritius and some more).

    19-02-2014 4.14 Build 745

    • bugfix: The 'getting started' screen could end up in a deadlock when registering or logging in (build 744 only).

    03-02-2014 4.14 Build 744

    • general: Redesign of "New user Registration" dialog
    • bugfix: When a signup procedure took too long and the user aborted the procedure, the client remained in state 'connection' and retrying the signup was not possible.
    • bugfix: The shutdownprocedure has been enhanced.
    • bugfix: Small VoiceEngine enhancements.

    26-08-2013 4.13 Build 737

    • general: Show message in call history on sound problems on incoming call
    • general: Minor internal changes
    • bugfix: Minor fixes
    • bugfix: Outlook contact loading bugfixed.
    • bugfix: minor fixes
    • bugfix: Minor fix

    17-06-2013 4.13 Build 719

    • general: Some minor fixes
    • general: Minor bugfixes
    • general: the reliability of DTMF throughput has been enhanced.
    • feature: Minor changes
    • feature: Minor bugfixes.
    • bugfix: After a LiveUpdate of the client on a PC running Windows 8 the client would not go to the foreground when the shortcut (tile) was clicked in the Windows 8 Start screen.
    • bugfix: Profile fixed delete phonenumber issue
    • bugfix: minor fix
    • bugfix: Some minor changes.
    • bugfix: Solved crash in sms screen
    • bugfix: Solved several bugs
    • bugfix: Startup crash solved.
    • bugfix: Audiowizard crash solved
    • bugfix: minor fix
    • bugfix: minor fixes
    • bugfix: Some minor bug fixes.

    06-03-2013 4.12 Build 704

    • general: Renamed Logon/Log off to Sign in/ Sign out in menu's. Optional to Sign out and forget password.
    • feature: Adding a # in front of a number will hide caller id.
    • bugfix: When contact is offline and there's a phonenumber known, the phonenumber is called.
    • bugfix: When user entered a number to dial without country, it's not handled as contact.
    • bugfix: Minor changes
    • bugfix: Memory leak solved in the internal graphics library.
    • bugfix: In a network with an internet proxy the client could sometimes crash.
    • bugfix: The client could crash when the wrong time was read from an ntp server.
    • bugfix: The client could crash when the start of a dns resolution failed.
    • bugfix: minor bugfixes
    • bugfix: minor fixes
    • bugfix: minor fixes

    20-12-2012 4.12 Build 689

    • bugfix: Bugfixes for connectivity
    • bugfix: minor bugfixes

    05-12-2012 4.11 Build 687

    • general: New design for adding and deleting phonenumbers in profile window.
    • feature: Security enhancements.
    • feature: The verification of a phonenumber starts directly after adding the phonenumber
    • bugfix: Sms history bug solved.
    • bugfix: New verification wizard was not always used.
    • bugfix: When displaying the context-menu the application locked.

    12-09-2012 4.10 Build 680

    • general: Minor changes.
    • general: The advanced connection system has been enhanced.
    • general: Advanced connection setup has been enhanced.
    • feature: Minor security enhancements have been implemented.
    • bugfix: several minor bugfixes
    • bugfix: several small bugfixes
    • bugfix: Minor fixes
    • bugfix: P2P calling was not working.
    • bugfix: The problem report dialog now uses word-wrapping in the 'comment textbox'.
    • bugfix: Several displaypicture issues solved.
    • bugfix: Browser links in de client where not formatted correctly.
    • bugfix: Advanced connection handling contained a time-bug and could crash the client.

    26-04-2012 4.9 Build 666

    • general: Enhanced encryption handling.
    • general: Extra code has been added in the error reporting feature to find errors better.
    • feature: The VoiceEngine is modified for less processor consumption.
    • bugfix: A small bug in the advanced connection method has been solved.
    • bugfix: A timer bug has been solved iin the WAN-test.
    • bugfix: UDP sockets could be closed twice in rare occasions.
    • bugfix: A bug in the internal wan-test has been fixed. This wil solve a lot of crashes.

    19-03-2012 4.9 Build 660

    • general: A new version of the base framework has been implemented. Stability has been improved.
    • general: An updated version of the voiceengine has been included in the application.
    • general: A better noise canceler has been implemented.
    • general: Improved VoiceEngine
    • general: Improved VoiceEngine
    • general: New VoiceEngine version 7.07 with improved noise cancelling.
    • feature: Multi-part sms is now possible.
    • bugfix: Fixed reading file error in restore contacts from archive.
    • bugfix: The VoiceEngine contained a bug that could crash the application while in a call. Bad connections suffered from this bug the most.
    • bugfix: The function GetProcessIdOfThread was used in build 652. However this function is not supported on WindowsXP. A workaround has been created.
    • bugfix: History sms popup size now works with multipart sms.
    • bugfix: A few crashes have been removed.

    25-08-2011 4.8 Build 645

    • bugfix: Fixed connection bugs
    • bugfix: The client deadlocked on incoming calls.
    • bugfix: Some minor issues in the network testfunctions have been fixed.
    • bugfix: A bug in the wan measurement system has been fixed.

    05-07-2011 4.8 Build 636

    • feature: Inserted new menu item 'Contacts'. All contacts related menu items moved to this menu.
    • feature: Renamed menu item 'File' to 'Account'. Close is removed from this menu.
    • bugfix: Minor Bug fixes
    • bugfix: Fixed potential crash in shutdown sequence.
    • bugfix: Calls could get disturbed when an incoming call was received during an active call.
    • bugfix: Fixed potential crash in Bandwidth test procedure.
    • bugfix: An internal bug in the connection system has been solved.
    • bugfix: There was a bug in the background drawing functions that could cause clients to crash.

    20-12-2010 4.7 Build 629

    • general: An non working test menu item has been removed from the view.
    • general: Internal connection methods have been slightly enhanced resulting in faster connects.
    • general: Vtp connection method has been made less dependent on backend server status.
    • general: Minor internal changes.
    • general: On a specific connection method peer-to-peer calls where not possible. Users are now notified when this happens.
    • general: The internet re-check timer has been adjusted to ensure faster connect times.
    • general: The internal internet check has been slightly enhanced.
    • general: A new and faster connect method has been implemented.
    • general: tcp.connectionserver.label.tld is now used in stead of connectiontcp1.label.tld and connectiontcp2.label.tld
    • general: When the client was started minimized or invisible notification dialogs where not displayed correctly. Now the client will be restored.
    • general: When a restricted user tries to perform a LiveUpdate, a proper error message is displayed.
    • general: The new liveupdate screens are now translatable.
    • feature: When the setup is started, the running client will be stopped.
    • feature: The client will first check the internet connection before proceeding to connect to the voip network.
    • feature: The LiveUpdate system has been enhanced. When checking for new versions an overview of new files is presented.
    • bugfix: Modified vtp connection timeout
    • bugfix: On one specific connection method it was impossible to receive voip-in calls.
    • bugfix: When a logon failed due to a wrong password, the client would reconnect with the wrong method.
    • bugfix: Very often the client would not select the optimal connection method.
    • bugfix: In rare cases the client could crash while connecting.
    • bugfix: When the connection was lost during a call and the client was exited, the client could sometimes crash.
    • bugfix: Conference calls where virtually impossible due to internal locking problems.
    • bugfix: The client could end up in a connection state where it could not logon anymore. Restarting the app was the only solution to be able to logon again.
    • bugfix: When the client would download updates after checking for updates, the progress icon was not displayed.
    • bugfix: On rare occasions the client could go in an infinite reconnect loop.
    • bugfix: The LiveUpdate screen had a faulty black background on Windows XP.
    • bugfix: It was impossible to update the client from a restricted user account in Windows 7.
    • bugfix: After a LiveUpdate it took too long before the application restarted.
    • bugfix: Communication layer could fail resulting in failure to logon or other communication failure.
    • bugfix: Because Outlook contacts can not be deleted from the contact list, the DEL key is ignored for this type of contacts.
    • bugfix: When making a phone-2-phone call with the client, the callduration was not displayed.
    • bugfix: When re-displaying the 'register new user' screen, the captcha was not displayed.
    • bugfix: When a call was ended focus could be removed from an active chat window.
    • bugfix: The history screen did not show the displayname of peer-2-peer contacts.
    • bugfix: Voice Engine 7.04 implemented. Now can play speaker/mic samplerates of 88200,176400 and 192000 samples/sec under vista and higher. Fixed a problem when changing devices.

    04-10-2010 4.6 Build 596

    • bugfix: Some internal addresses where wrong, this has been corrected.

    04-10-2010 4.6 Build 595

    • general: Minor internal settings change.
    • general: The internal webconfig loader has been rewritten.
    • feature: voice verify new style added
    • feature: On an incoming P2P call a user can initiate a chat with the other party by pressing the right mouse button on the taskbar-notify-window.
    • bugfix: The Mapi interface to display outlook contacts did not always load correctly.
    • bugfix: On some occasions the audio device wizard would crash.
    • bugfix: Voice engine 7.03 implemented, handles crash that would occur on some sounddevice like "remote sound" that uses large frame buffering.
    • bugfix: Registering a new account did not work from the startup wizard. This bug was accidentally introduced in version 4.6 build 590.
    • bugfix: When entering very long usernames in the logon screen the client would not respond anymore and logonprocedure had to be manually terminated.
    • bugfix: The audiolevels during a conference were not always displayed properly.
    • bugfix: The kernel has been enhanced on several places increasing stability of the application.
    • bugfix: VoiceEngine 7.02 was implemented, fixed a bug where the noise cancellation resulted in degeneration of the speech signal.
    • bugfix: New voice engine v7.01 inplemented. Improved voice quality under noisy sound conditions, better sound quality under slow internet conditions.
    • bugfix: Two possible deadlocks have been fixed.
    • bugfix: On some occasions it was impossible to start subsequent peer-to-peer calls because the UDP connecton was broken by the first call.
    • bugfix: A possible deadlock has been solved.

    15-07-2010 4.5 Build 579

    • bugfix: The new internet connectiontest introduced in build 563 has been disabled because it caused problems for users behind a proxy server.

    12-07-2010 4.5 Build 575

    • general: Country code +47 (Norway) has been assigned to Svalbard and Jan Mayen.
    • general: Country code +672 (Norfolk Island) has been assigned to Heard Island and McDonald Islands.
    • general: If call fails because of invalid phone number format; an explaining message with example will appear.
    • general: The close button has been removed from the liveupdate balloon. Hopefully this change will trigger people to update to the latest version more quickly.
    • feature: A better internet connection test has been implemented. This will result in better connections to our servers and therefore better call quality.
    • bugfix: The client could sometimes crash when exited.
    • bugfix: The client could crash because of a stack overflow in the trace function. The CStrings have been made static in these functions.
    • bugfix: New voice engine 6.11 implemented, with better receive concealment and smoother TCP handling.
    • bugfix: A small memory leak was introduced in version 4.05 build 570. This leak has been removed.
    • bugfix: When a voip server was put in maintenance, the client did not reroute to another server automatically.
    • bugfix: When the connection switched from TCP to UDP, the connection could occasionally drop again after a few seconds.
    • bugfix: Phonenumber settings could get lost when phone number verification was started.
    • bugfix: When a computer resumed from standby, the client would try to logon, even if no username or password is available. Now it only logs on when it is set to automatically logon.
    • bugfix: When a name was entered in the 'suggested username page' the correct radiobutton was not automatically selected.
    • bugfix: The 'next' button in the suggestion screen was not always correctly disabled and enabled.
    • bugfix: On Windows 7 the bandwidth test did not work.
    • bugfix: In a previous version the login credentials where not remembered by default. This has been changed back so that they will be remembered by default.
    • bugfix: Previous version 4.04 build 556 did not start on Windows 2000.
    • bugfix: The client could accidentally logoff while trying to connect a peer to peer session. This only occurred on specific router combinations.

    16-12-2009 4.4 Build 554

    • bugfix: New incoming calls will not interfere with existing calls. In earlier versions the sound delay could increase when a new call was received during a call.
    • bugfix: Fixed the 'username / password incorrect' bug.

    11-11-2009 4.4 Build 550

    • general: Some urls to webpages changed.
    • bugfix: When the client auto-reconnected it would sometimes wrongly state 'Username/Password' incorrect.
    • bugfix: In some cases, an error message 'The Parameter is Incorrect' occurred. After this message, normal calls where not possible. This issue has been solved.
    • bugfix: re-login after resume of computer sleep was not working.
    • bugfix: When verify was executed after a phone type change in the profile screen, the client could hang.

    06-07-2009 4.3 Build 543

    • general: New voice engine 6.10, The adaption speed of the echo canceler has been improved, also CPU usage is reduced.
    • general: The logoff procedure has been changed and is much faster now.
    • general: Some textual and visual changes in dialogs.
    • feature: Missed calls while offline implemented.
    • feature: User can now choose for country at register new user.
    • feature: One minute before credit runs out, a sound will be played and a message will be displayed with a warning to inform that the user is almost out of credit.
    • bugfix: Some import contact functions were not working properly.
    • bugfix: Some getting started wizard issues solved.
    • bugfix: Logon after sleep could take a while.
    • bugfix: Fixed the volume control in the active screen.
    • bugfix: Peer 2 Peer connections where not always correctly setup because the private ip address was not detected properly.
    • bugfix: VoiceEngine 6.09 implemented. Fixed a memoryallocation bug which could sometimes crash the program due to heapcorruption.
    • bugfix: Presentation restricted flag was not set correctly in the profile if changes where made in the call settings option screen.
    • bugfix: The configuration of the VoiceEngine was not cached correctly.

    08-12-2008 4.2 Build 533

    • general: The software is signed with a new Verisign certificate.
    • general: VoiceEngine 6.07 has been implemented.
    • general: The verification of a Caller ID has had some cosmetic changes.
    • general: There are some new manners to start the verification of a Caller ID.
    • general: After a correct verification, the phonenumber used in the verification is automatic set as Caller ID.
    • general: Some functional changes made in the profile screen
    • general: Redesigned profile screen. Caller ID settings with verification functionality moved to profile screen.
    • general: Redesigned phone number verification wizard.
    • feature: Cleanup profile phonenumber types if not used.
    • feature: When saving language files, the .lang extension will always automatically be added to the filename.
    • feature: When invalid version popup is shown, an 'update now' button is added on the messagebox.
    • feature: Hot plugging a USB sound device during ringback is now possible.
    • bugfix: Introduced voice-engine 6.08. Fixed issues with selecting sounddevices on languages that use non-ascii character sets.
    • bugfix: The client could crash when it received a specific server message.
    • bugfix: In some rare cases the client consumed 100 % of the processor time.
    • bugfix: At relogon the password was not set correct.
    • bugfix: Client could crash in close when modify contact dialog was still open en visible.
    • bugfix: Some untranslatable issues repaired.
    • bugfix: The 'phone-2-phone' icon overlapped the number-type-icon in the contactlist. This has been fixed.
    • bugfix: Some translate problems fixed.
    • bugfix: Numberplan change: +0 is not accepted. except when it starts with +00x (and x <> 0).
    • bugfix: By pressing TAB when modifying the numbers in your profile it could be possible that a number was wrongly indicated to be verified.
    • bugfix: Starting a peer-to-peer call to a SIP-client would result in a wrong notification that the other party is using an old client version and the call would be terminated.
    • bugfix: When a USB sounddevice would be unplugged and replugged, it could occur that ringback would never be played again.

    17-07-2008 4.2 Build 510

    • general: The layout of the existing user logon screen was changed a bit.
    • general: Various typo's corrected.
    • general: The callerid is displayed in the titlebar when the client is logged on.
    • general: The sms icon in the contact list has changed.
    • general: All dialogs and screens will now default to the center of the client. Some screens will remember their position.
    • general: In some dialogs the banners have been removed.
    • feature: The menu item 'Log Off' has been added to the file menu.
    • feature: When during a call only 1 minute is left due to insufficient credits, a sound is played.
    • feature: When multiple mobile numbers are available, the user will be asked which one to use when clicking the envelope in the contact list.
    • feature: When the sms tab is activated focus will be set on the recipient box. When the recipient box is already filled, the focus will be set to the message box.
    • feature: A captcha has been added to the 'create new account' screen.
    • feature: The language editor will now display the file that is currently being edited.
    • feature: The language editor will indicate if the current file is dirty. This is done by placing an asterisk in the title bar.
    • feature: The language editor will not discard any changes without warning the user.
    • feature: Both columns in the language editor are sortable.
    • feature: Large multiline strings can now be translated with the language editor.
    • feature: The dashboard now displays a tooltip.
    • bugfix: When changing the caller id, this was not reflected in the title of the client.
    • bugfix: Conferencing would not work most of the time.
    • bugfix: The statusbar in the chatwindow did not size correctly.
    • bugfix: When calling a free destination, the client could crash on connection.
    • bugfix: When pressing the escape or return key in the SMS screen, the SMS screen would disappear.
    • bugfix: Various bug fixes in the language editor.
    • bugfix: Some voipapi changes made compatible with earlier releases.
    • bugfix: The client could crash when it was exited with chat dialogs open.
    • bugfix: White spaces at the beginning of lines where trimmed in the language editor. Therefore they where not correctly translatable.
    • bugfix: A memory leak in the html drawer has been solved.
    • bugfix: The language version is now also stored in the language file.

    03-01-2008 4.2 Build 488

    • general: Various textual changes in the 'getting started' wizard.
    • feature: The startup parameter -status:away has been added.
    • feature: The startup parameter -status:notavailable has been added.
    • feature: The startup parameter -status:busy has been added.
    • feature: The startup parameter -status:appearoffline has been added.
    • feature: The startup parameter -logonsilent has been added.
    • feature: When a user enters the wrong username/password combination too often the user will be locked out of the system. A warning will be displayed before the lock-out. The lock-duration will be displayed.
    • feature: Better VU meters have been implemented.
    • feature: A 'Getting Started Wizard' has been created. New users will be prompted automatically.
    • feature: An 'echo123' service has been implemented.
    • feature: A proper dashboard has been created. The dashboard can be activated through the view menu. It features a basic and an advanced view, selectable through the right mouse menu.
    • feature: When a similar audio device is plugged in it will automatically be selected.
    • bugfix: It was impossible to remove displaypictures.
    • bugfix: When entering a username in the suggestions screen on the getting started wizard the client would crash.
    • bugfix: Closing the 'Getting Started' wizard while a testcall was still active would crash the client.
    • bugfix: RTP handling bug solved.
    • bugfix: When a phone-2-phone call is doubleclicked from the history-view a new phone-2-phone call will be started with the a and b number from the history.
    • bugfix: A resource leak has been removed.
    • bugfix: The autologon link was not working.
    • bugfix: Included voice-engine 6.01, modified packethandling to improve soundquality in lowlatency receive environments.
    • bugfix: Due to bugs in the import/export functions of the language editor the functionality has been changed. Import/export from excel has been replaced by CSV import/export.
    • bugfix: When the most-used-list was disabled, the selection of contacts could be wrong after a contact search.

    22-10-2007 4.1 Build 475 Initial Release

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